Christy Cunningham

Hey hey hey!!  Thank you SO much for checking out my site!  A little about me, I'm a 37 year young single mom of a crazy awesome 15 year old daughter.  I work full time, in college full time working on my law degree, and homeschool mini me.  WHEW!  After losing 120lbs and making an incredible weight loss transformation, I realized the overwhelming reasons why my health and wellness HAD to be my priority.  My daughter needed to have a healthy mom who could chase her around the house with a water gun and set the example for her on the importance of eating right, exercising and living a healthy lifestyle.  I was blessed to make an amazing transformation, story published creating a platform to inspire other people, became a certified personal trainer, and even competed a few times.  When you are in the industry, you are approached by so many companies to try their product.  This allowed me to gain insight, experience, and ability to learn what works and doesn't work.  You are reading this now because I 100% believe in these products, have tested them myself and received amazing results, and joined this business after a surreal realization that I did not want mini me to recall her childhood as "mom was always busy working and with school."  Can't have her needed therapy as a result of her childhood!  Too, I needed something that I could TRULY enjoy doing while working from anywhere.  Simply put, I chose to create the life she and I both deserve.  

If you are sitting there wondering, curious, exhausted, want to tighten, firm, diminish stretch marks, wrinkles, cellulite, grow longer locks, and/or wanting to significantly change your overall health and wellness, CONTACT ME BELOW so we can figure out which products will be a good fit to help you reach your goals.  

If you are sitting there tired of living paycheck to paycheck or simply need to make extra spending money, CONTACT ME BELOW!  This is seriously the best investment I have made in myself for my future, since my transformation and I would absolutely LOVE to have you on my team.  One thing you must know about me: I will NOT let you fail.  I will be here every step of the way coaching you, encouraging and helping you reach whatever goals you have!  

Don't be like me and wait longer than you should.  Whether a loyal customer or distributor:  this WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  

I would love to talk to you!  


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